Data You Can Use, in collaboration with the Community Development Alliance, is pleased to release this second round of indicator maps for Milwaukee’s neighborhoods. These indicators are intended to help community members, planners, policy makers, and neighborhood organizations to plan, document and explore key pieces of information about their neighborhoods.

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Equitable Housing Indicators

Explore our Equitable Housing Indicator Maps here: Latinx Homeownership, African American Homeownership, Rental Housing Cost Burden, Access to Broadband, and Access to Healthy Foods.

Equity and Access Indicators

Explore our six Equity and Access Indicator Maps here: Access to Basic Needs, Access to Quality Schools, Access to Employment, Community and Civic Engagement, Diversity Index, and Historic Disadvantage.

Population Indicators

Explore our six Population indicator maps: Overall Population Growth and Decline, Households with Children and Youth, African American Population, Asian Population, Hispanic/Latino Population, and White Population.

Health Indicators

Explore our five Health indicator maps: Housing built prior to 1950, Asthma, Obesity, Mental Health, and Visits to the Dentist or Dental Clinic.

Market Value Indicators

Explore our five Market Value indicator maps: Vacancy Rate, Residential Sales, Homeownership, New Construction and Major Rehabs, and Foreclosure.

Are you looking for the previous MKE Indicators page, which is home to the ‘flat’ (non-interactive) maps and the data for all of the maps?