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NNIP Spotlight: Milwaukee’s Amani Neighborhood Uses Data to Target Traffic Safety and Build Trust

The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership published an article about Milwaukee’s Amani Neighborhood.  To learn more about how the people in Amani are using data to identify safety issues and build relationships with the police, click here.

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Working Well Together in Milwaukee

Data You Can Use Population Health Service Fellow, Salma Abadin, worked with the Healthier, Safer, More Prosperous Milwaukee leadership team to create an inventory to document current services and to potentially identify other partners and resources in the Milwaukee area. The inventory – Working Well Together: The Intersection of Public Health, Safety and Community Development in Milwaukee, WI – is the result of agencies and programs that were invited to complete a survey that describes their work and the partners they have in community/economic development, criminal justice/safety, and healthcare/public health.

The Wisconsin Center for Health Equity has the report on it’s website.  With any questions, please contact Salma Abadin.

Safer, More Prosperous Milwaukee Inventory page

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