Liquor Licenses in the City of Milwaukee

Clicking in the upper left hand corner allows you to turn on and off the Binge Drinking layer, and the individual Aldermanic District outlines.

Not all of the dots appear when zoomed out. Zooming into the map will display more dots.

This map includes all of the liquor licenses in the City of Milwaukee, and is updated weekly referencing data from the City of Milwaukee’s Open Data Portal. Clicking on a location will show details, including the name and expiration date.

How to use the map?

When using this map, it’s important to know that the application will be scheduled to be heard by the License Committee nearest the expiration date of the license. If the license expires 7/25/19, License Committee meeting is likely to be 6/25/19 and Common Council 7/9/19. Since this is the general process that renewals go through, it is important to remember that every application is considered on a case by case basis. The 2020 Common Council Committee calendar can be found here.

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